I’m an interactive designer based in San Diego. Currently working at Hero Digital. I help enterprise businesses turn their content into interactive experiences.

My Work


Microapp Design

Tiled is a tool created to give designers the ability to create fully functioning website and app like experiences. These are a few of the experiences I've created.

App Design

Spare is a concept for a digital product that people would access via QR code and easily be able to donate $1 to a list of featured fundraisers.

Spark / UX + UI Design

Spark is a concept for a creative collaborative product that allows users to search and connect with other creators anywhere in the world. 

Super Beauty / Brand + Package Design

Super Beauty is a collagen product in the health & wellness industry. I was tasked with creating a brand identity and package design for the product.

Brand Identity

A collection of logos and applications of branding across multiple deliverables.

Campaigns / Art Direction + Design

As the Creative Director at Quallsbenson, a full service ad agency in New York City, I helped create many visual campaigns from start to finish.